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Image - C-1
Title: Heds by Scott Boldt
Notes: The humorous portrayal of daily Deadhead life made us feel inclusive. Artist Scott Boldt did a variety of amazing illustrations for us.
Item: C-1
Image C-2
Title: Grateful Bob by W. Dire Wolff
Notes: Dire Wolff did dozens of comix for Relix. His roughly hewn presentations were used in the context of something relative to the time, or as historic documentation. Always handle with humor and grace, Dire was an important part of the Relix experience. Regarding this piece: Dylan came out and did some shows with the Dead around 1987, and it was not as polished a musical experience as one might have expected.
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Image C-3
Title: Birth of Music
Notes: Artist Mike Zmuda contributed scores of amazing comix and illustrations. The Birth of Music was just one of many Deadhead inspired classics we published. His spot-on illustrations were always great to have on hand.
Item: C-3
Image - C-4
Title: End of Tour Comics
Notes: A.R. Klosterman contributed his work to Relix for many years. He caught many intense moments in time, creating extraordinary illustrations. He brought a lot of psychedelic imagery into our pages. This was one of his rare comix submissions.
Item: C-4
Image - C-5
Notes: One of the most cherished folk tales surrounding the Grateful Dead’s history is documented in this comix by W. Dire Wolff. It chronicles the early Garcia days, when he and Dead lyricist Robert Hunter lived in abandoned cars. Garcia then went on to teach guitar at Dana Morgan's Music Store. And yes, the rest is history.
Item: C-5
Image C-6
Notes: Patrick Moran came into the fold in the mid-80's. His style was very unique, with sharp attention to detail. This illustration was done at the height of the Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing sweep that the DEA laid on the Deadhead scene. It became obvious to Relix that Deadheads were being targeted when letters from incarcerated Heads began pouring in daily. We became staunch advocates in the fight against the War On Drugs. Though this illustration made light of the plight, it was our way of keeping the danger very much in constant focus throughout our pages.
Item: C-6
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